Psychological Testing

Psychological Testing
   Clinical Testing and Its Complex Psychological Structure
   The clinical testing situation has a complex psychological structure. It is not an impersonal getting-together of two people in order that one, with the help of a little "rapport," may obtain some "objective" test responses from the other. The [disturbed] . . . patient is in some acute or chronic life crisis. He cannot but bring many hopes, fears, assumptions, demands and expectations into the test situation. He cannot but respond intensely to certain real as well as fantasied attributes of that situation. Being human and having to make a living-facts often ignored-the tester too brings hopes, fears, assumptions, demands and expectations into the test situation. She too responds personally and often intensely to what goes on-in reality and in fantasy-in that situation, however well she may conceal her personal response from the patient, from herself, and from her colleagues. (Schafer, 1954, p. 6)

Historical dictionary of quotations in cognitive science. . 2015.

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